Applying to read Medicine/ Medicine-related courses in the United Kingdom, Entry 2025

Medicine is a highly competitive course in the UK, even more so than an application to Oxford or Cambridge. You need to be well-prepared. That means having a game plan in place even before you complete your I/GCSEs:

The Ultimate Guide for Surviving Results Day and Getting a University Place

Knowing what to expect will make things run more smoothly so that you can handle anything. Read on to find out how you can prepare for Results Day 2024.

Should I be taking the IB or A Levels in Sixth Form?

Both these programmes offer a superb pre-university formation. What follows offers general information about the respective merits of the two programmes. We recommend that you liaise closely with the school or college where you will be doing Sixth Form for specific guidance on programme and choices of subjects. Read our blog to find out more...

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