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Glowfly supports learning in subjects across key stages 2, 3, 4 and 5. Whether it be 11+, 13+, GCSE or A-Level, we have a team of expert practitioners with many years of experience.

We have expert knowledge of our curriculum and experience in Education. Teaching is our passion.

Currently working in UK schools, we maintain a secure, specialist understanding of the National Curriculum during this period of change in learning and assessment frameworks in UK schools. We are up-to-date and pedagogically aware. Learning and growing. Selectively.

Having worked in leading independent schools throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe, we also have experience of delivering the British curriculum in an international setting.

I’m also an expat parent so realise the challenges of ensuring children maintain a level of attainment that guarantees a relatively seamless entry/re-entry into UK schools.

Now back in an international setting and supporting my own year 10 daughter as she prepares for GCSEs, I appreciate the necessity to maintain standards, affording international students the same opportunities to access top UK sixth forms and universities.

We have significant experience of managing the Independent school application, assessment and interview process for entry into UK independent schools – as teachers and parents. We can therefore endeavour to support parents and children through the process and alleviate associated concerns.

Continuity of provision is guaranteed – due to the medium, we can conduct lessons wherever you are in the world – if you travel, if you move country – we can still continue to support your learning.



Primary / Middle School Specialist
7 to 13+ English and Maths

  • UK Qualified Educator – BEd (Hons), MA in Ed
  • UK Independent and LEA school experience
  • Leading International School experience – Asia, Europe, Middle East
  • Examination Invigilator (Independent Assessments 7+ to 13+, SATs)
  • Leading Literacy Practitioner / LEA English Moderation Working Party / Literacy Pilot Team Leader
  • Pastoral and Subject Management roles in leading International and UK Independent Schools
  • Ofsted – Outstanding Teacher
  • Current and extensive professional development
  • Currently teaching in UK schools


Secondary School Specialist
11+ to ‘A’ Level English

7 to 13+ English and Maths

  • UK Qualified Educator – BA (Hons) English Literature, PGCE Secondary English Education
  • Current AQA GCSE Examiner – English Literature
  • Curriculum Leadership roles – Head of English
  • Literacy Action Group and Leader of Literacy
  • Qualified Cambridge Assessor of Speaking and Listening Exams
  • Teacher of IGCSE and GCSE Language and Literature, and ‘A’ Level English Literature
  • Ofsted – Outstanding Teacher
  • Current and extensive professional development
  • Currently teaching in UK schools


11+ to A level Mathematics

  • UK Qualified Educator – BSc (Hons), PGCE Secondary Mathematics, MA in Secondary Education
  • Current AQA GCSE Examiner and Edexcel A level Examiner
  • Member of the Senior Management Team and responsibility for whole school teaching and learning and CPD
  • Secondary  Teacher for Mastery Specialist for the Great North Maths Hub
  • Lead Practitioner for Mathematics
  • Current and extensive professional development
  • Ofsted – Outstanding teacher
  • Currently teaching in UK schools



  • Secondary School Specialist
  • 11+ to GCSE Maths
  • UK Qualified Educator
  • BSc (Hons) Mathematics, PGCE Secondary Mathematics
  • AQA GCSE Examiner for four years.
  • Teacher of maths for twenty years and Subject Leader for mathematics and numeracy for eight years.
  • I have taught in UK secondary schools for almost twenty year and have held more senior posts, including assistant SENCO, assessment coordinator, second in department and head of department for the last twelve. I am currently head of a large and successful maths department. I enjoy teaching and like to make sure that all of my students understand and master the subject.



  • UK qualified educator BSc (hons) biochemistry PGCE in secondary science (chemistry)
  • Current edexcel examiner for both combined science
  • Experienced examiner of both AQA and OCR combined science
  • 10+ years experience of teaching secondary science and a-level applied science
  • Leadership role – associate director of science for NET teaching GCSE across North East schools.



  • UK qualified educator BSc (hons) psychology, PGCE in secondary science (chemistry)
  • Current edexcel examiner for both combined science and triple chemistry
  • 10+ years experience of teaching secondary science and a-level chemistry
  • Leadership role – head of chemistry


Business, Economics and Maths

  • UK qualified educator
  • LLP (hons) Law
  • PGCE in secondary Business Studies
  • Current examiner for Cambridge assessment iGCSE Business
  • Leadership role – head of subject
  • Subject knowledge specialism course in Maths



  • UK qualified educator BSc (Hons) Materials Science, PGCE in secondary science (Physics).
  • Former OCR examiner for GCE Physics
  • 10+ years experience in teaching science and physics from key stage 3 to GCE
  • Leadership role – Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator


Science and Maths

  • UK qualified educator
  • PGCE in Secondary Science
  • AQA GCSE Biology Examiner
  • Assistant Head of Science and STEM coordinator
  • GCSE Science, Maths and A level Biology tutor



  • Teacher of Economics in leading independent school
  • Economics and Management degree – King’s College London



  • Physics teacher in a leading independent school (independent school of the year)
  • GCSE Physics and A-level Physics
  • PGCE in Physics and Maths, Imperial College London
  • PhD in Astrophysics


Media Studies A Level teacher

  • PGCE from IOE, UCL, ranked first in the world for Education

16 years experience in the Film and Animation Industry working for Oscar nominated movies as such as Enchanted. Her appreciation of Film and animation has led her career path to working for Disney and Warner Brothers after having won International awards and screenings at Pixar and Dreamwork’s studios. Her credits include movies as such asHarry Potter and The Chronicles of Narnia and many more. She enjoys illustrating and writing in her spare time



Previously worked at Mander Portman Woodward and Chelsea Independent College as Head of Academic English. At MPW he devised and ran the study skills programme (Essay writing, exam technique and revision planning), and also introduced Creative Writing A Level to the school syllabus.

Pail has 7 years private tutoring: 4 years part-time (whilst full-time teaching), and 3 years full-time freelance. He has 100% success rate with IELTS and Common Entrance exams. He returns to MPW every year to teach English (all boards) on their Easter Revision course.

Current Examiner: GCSE English Language Assessment Specialist (Examiner) for AQA and CIE examination boards.


Spanish and French

  • 10 years’ experience teaching Spanish in UK schools from KS3 to A level.
  • Experienced tutor for English students learning Spanish
  • PGCE Masters in Spanish and French
  • Cambridge English qualified teacher (CELTA trained)
  • Currently working as an English teacher in a bilingual school in Spain.
  • Experienced examiner for GCSE Spanish with AQA and Pearson.
  • Native English speaker, fluent in Spanish with the ability to speak French to a high level.



  • UK qualified educator
  • BA Geography Degree and PGCE in Secondary Geography.
  • Over seven years secondary teaching experience, teaching both Geography and Sociology, with specific focus on GCSE and ALevel, Edexcel and AQA specifications
  • Previous leadership role = Head of Geography and Sociology
  • Currently working in an International School as the Lead Teacher of Geography, teaching the International Baccalaureate, Diploma Programme



  • PhD in Mathematics, and works full time as a tutor, online or in the London area
  • Specialises in A level and degree level as well as supporting students through the university application process, specifically with the STEP exam



  • Secondary School Specialist 11+ to ‘A’ Level Chemistry
  • 11+ to GCSE Physics and Biology
  • UK Qualified Educator – BSc (Hons) Nutrition and Food Science,
  • PGCE Secondary Science (Specialism in Chemistry)
Current OCR A A-level Examiner – H432/01 Chemistry
DELTA qualified EAP pre-sessional tutor
  • FCE, IELTS, TOEFL and TOEIC preparation
  • Ofsted – Outstanding Teacher
  • Current and extensive professional development
Currently teaching in UK schools

Olivia is also experienced in working with English for Academic Purposes, or EAP. This is a study of linguistics appropriate for non-English speakers to adapt their written assignments to university level.



Career of 35 years mostly in France for companies like Disney, Eurotunnel Nissan in international HR related roles.

PGCE in secondary French with Spanish to kick off a second career and 2 years experience as a language teaching for the North Tyneside Learning Trust (47 secondary middle and primary schools in the area)



  • UK qualified educator BA (Hons) History PGCE in secondary history
  • 5 years of classroom experience including leadership of a History Department
  • Experience of AQA and OCR A Level exam boards
  • Confident delivery of a broad range of material at GCSE
  • Track record of excellent results as both a private tutor and teacher



  • U.K. Qualified Educator, PGCE Primary Education
  • Reading Recovery Teacher (UCL 2015)
  • KS1 and Lower Key Stage 2 – reading and writing specialist
  • Valuable experience with learners with autism and dyslexia
  • Currently teaching in U.K. schools


Maths and Science

  • UK qualified educator – BA Natural Sciences (University of Cambridge), SCITT (Outstanding) (Carmel College/St Mary’s University).
  • Experience of teaching Maths and Science in Key stages 3-5.
  • Experience of leading teacher subject specialism training for maths.
  • Experience of working 1:1 with students with special educational needs
  • Experience of OCR (including OCR MEI), Edexcel, AQA and IGCSE exam boards
  • Specialises in stretching and challenging students to achieve their full potential


KS2 Specialist

  • UK Qualified Educator – BA (Hons), MA
  • UK Independent and LEA experience
  • 11+ teaching
  • Experience of SEN and EAL teaching
  • Subject leadership in UK independent schools – Head of English
  • Senior Management Team in 3-18 independent school and leading prep school
  • Curriculum development experience
  • Current and extensive professional development



Patricia is a law graduate that has been working as an independent Spanish tutor now for nearly 20 years. In this time she has worked with children from top independent schools like Rugby School, Uppingham, Oundle and Leicester Grammar School. She has helped students secure level 9 and A* in GCSE, IGCSE , As and A level. She works with children across the age range and also teachs adults. Patricia also works as a translator and has worked on projects for the British Council and the popular school’s KS3 and KS4 publication Mary Glasgow.



CPhys, MBA, BEng, MInstP, CELTA Well-qualified online physics tutor, examiner with major UK exam board, and author of physics textbooks. Several years’ experience in all UK exam boards for Secondary age children in KS3, GCSE, IGCSE, A level and International A level. Routinely supported students across the 11-19 age range to achieve several grade improvement. Over 50 five-star reviews.

‘Two of my children aged 8 and 10 recently had to prepare for entrance exams for admission to an independent school in the UK. As both children were born in Asia and educated in the International Baccalaureate system, I was concerned about differences between the UK and IB curriculum, as well as a general lack of familiarity with the UK requirements and style of testing. Based on a friend’s recommendation, I contacted Lisa for advice on how best to prepare for the entrance tests. Lisa assessed the children and was quickly able to identify the areas we needed to focus on. Over the next 6 weeks, in less than 10 sessions, I saw a dramatic improvement in the children’s understanding and confidence. Lisa had a fantastic rapport with the kids, she really made them feel at ease which enabled her to get the best from them. They were always motivated to attend the sessions and actually looked forward to them. I feel the children gained a great deal more from sessions with Lisa than just being prepared for an exam. She gave them confidence in their ability to perform well and made them more enthusiastic about learning. I highly recommend Lisa and thank her for making what could have been a stressful time a very positive one.’