We provide highly informed and specialised support, helping to identify a best-fit school for expat families returning to U.K. from international locations. As we have supported many families as they relocate to U.K. and apply to U.K. schools in the independent and grammar school sector, we have an informed understanding of the application and testing process for many different schools. This allows us to personalise the process and formulate a bespoke programme of exam preparation.

Whether it be the paper style grammar school exams (Buckinghamshire County Secondary Transfer Test, Kent Test, Sutton Selective Eligibility test, Tiffin School stage 1 and 2 preparation); the online ISEB Pretest, CAT4, CEM Select, London Consortium or other London school online assessments or paper style independent school formal maths, comprehension, creative writing, VR and NVR, we have it covered – we can support them all.

We chat to many families online, multiple times, discussing their plans for relocation, preferred areas and schools which may match their family criteria. Then we get to work – helping to secure a place in their favourite areas and schools.

Armed with school specific knowledge, we use our expertise to prepare for whatever is required: from the initial ISEB/CAT4 test to second stage paper testing and group and individual interview specific practice. We have it covered.